6 best cardio workout for health benefits


If you want to lead a healthy and fit life then healthy food habits and exercises are essential. What we eat influences the body to good health. For example drinks such as weller bourbon can aid digestion and even prevent heart diseases. You will have to compromise for the cheat day with efficient exercises in this case. The type of exercises you choose is all about the area that you would like to focus and ultimately the results that you expect from the same. If you want to stay in a healthy shape and eliminate the extra kilos then one of the most efficient exercise to look into is cardio. So, if you want to burn out the extra calories cardio can be a great way to go about.

Why cardio?

These are set of exercises that focus on 3 tenets which are resistance, training, and mobility. Here are 6 amazing cardio to try that will help you stay fit and healthy.

  1. Skipping: Rope jumping and skipping were fun exercises as kids, but did you know these are extremely efficient cardio exercises? The exercises can be easily done indoors and there are variations that can be created with a simple skipping rope which makes it an amazing exercise, to begin with. Always start with slow skipping and keep count till 30 or 40 before you slowly increase your speed. This will help your body to get accustomed before you eventually increase count as well as try other variations.

Sets: Take 10 reps in a day [ Increase sets based on comfort]

Calories Burnt: 500 – 800 calories

  1. RollBacks: The exercise is comparatively difficult to start with so include this in your workout session after a few days of basic training. Rollbacks generally help improve coordination as well as mobility and enhance your core strength.


  1. Stand in a straight position and in one motion gradually sit down to the floor.
  2. Roll back while you drive your hips taking your heels towards the ceiling.
  3. Roll to bring your feet to the ground and apply core strength to stand up.

Sets: 4 -6 sets of 15 reps

Calories Burnt: 400 600 calories

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  1. Stair climber: In general inculcating the habit of taking the stairs versus escalator or lift can be very healthy. The stair climber exercise is an efficient way to burn the extra kilos without requiring any special equipment. All you need to do is use the stairs at your home to achieve an amazing figure. While climbing stairs a leg lift is involved which trains the muscles in this area significantly. It puts pressure on the joints and increases your agility. Make sure you keep a constant pace while you ascend and descend in the stairs to get your lower body carved into fantastic shape.

Sets: 10 – 15 reps

Calories burnt: 500 – 600 calories

4.Bench Runners: This cardio workout is slightly easy to start with and by extending the sets in each rep you can progress and achieve amazing weight loss results. You will need a box or a small elevation for this workout. This will help improve your agility and strengthen your glutes and quads.

  1. Stand straight in front of a box and place your right foot firmly on top of it.
  2. Place your left foot on the floor.
  3. Now tap with your right foot and switch your feet immediately thus touching the elevation with your left foot.

Sets: 4 -5 sets of 15 reps

Calories Burnt: 500- 700 calories

5.Cycling: Pedalling your way to good health is a simple choice you can make every day. Intense cycling session can help burn away lots of calories and can help train your stomach and lower part of the body as well. If you want to achieve a healthy figure and lose weight especially in the lower part of your body then cycling can be the best way to do it. You can either go for a long cycling session every day as a part of your workout or embed the habit into your everyday activities like taking the cycle to school, work, while shopping for groceries and  personalised chocolates, etc. This will ensure you save time on the workout as well as save a lot of fuel money. Cycling is an exercise for the entire body and hence you will feel refreshed throughout the day after.

Low carb and high protein diets are usually suggested. Energy levels can be increased by taking foods and drinks that are high in carbs, but they add on to your weight, that will totally beat the purpose of the workout.

Timing: Cycle up to 30 minutes every day regularly

Calories Burnt: 400- 550 calories

  1. Jumping Split Squats: Squats are powerhouse exercises that enhance core stability and improve balance. It also strengthens the quadriceps, calves, glutes, and hamstrings and burns a lot of calories aiding in weight loss. Jumping squats combine the efficiency of jumping and squats individually as exercises and this variation can be useful for getting rid of the tough fat around the hips and thigh areas.


  1. Start with your left leg extended behind and the ball of the foot touching the ground.
  2. Make sure your chest is upright and your core is tight.
  3. Bend both the knees and lower your hips till your reach 90-degree angle with your knees.
  4. Use your right heel to pump and jump off the ground slightly. Repeat.

Sets: 4 sets of 12 reps [ Each leg]

Calories Burnt: 400 – 600 calories

These amazing cardio exercises will work out each part of your body and help you achieve weight loss as well as a healthy figure. Having a stress free life is also an important step for leading a healthy life. So there’s no harm in skipping the routine life sometimes and enjoying a nice evening sipping some dimple pinch along with some good friends.

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6 best cardio exercises to lose weight and stay fit and healthy

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