Seven Situations When Skipping Your Workout Session is a Healthy Decision


There are several reasons why many people workout daily. While many people do so to stay fit, others exercise to enhance their overall health. Just carry out a simple search and you’ll find there are countless articles to be found online about the many health and fitness benefits of working out daily.

However, is there any situation when skipping your workout sessions is medically considered as a healthier decision? The simple answer is yes.

In this post, we will be exploring seven situations when skipping your workout session is the best decision.


The mantra, “no train, no gain” is common among professional athletes and anyone that visits the gym on a regular basis. However, sometimes, during the workout we just keep going without paying attention to the most important factor in our workouts —our bodies. In some cases, pushing hard through the pain barrier can be a recipe for a health disaster.

Here are seven of them:

  • WHEN YOU FEEL FEVERISH: It is somehow understandable when you decide to keep up with your routine despite feeling under the weather. However, when your body temperature begins to rise, you should take that as your cue to head home. That is your body’s way of telling you that your body needs help and rest.
  • WHEN YOU FEEL EXTREMELY TIRED OR STRESSED: A lot of people push themselves to maintain their workout routine even after a hectic day, and that is fine. The kind of stress we are referring to in this case is more mental than physical. It could be a traumatic experience or several bad mishaps at work. While exercise can help in reducing stress, there are times that the best thing you need is a day off from your routine. Want to see an alternative way to develop your body muscle while taking a break? Click to read more.
  • BAD SLEEP QUALITY: Not getting enough quality sleep may not directly affect your health at the beginning but it soon harms your mental health. It also harms your immune system. Hence, pushing your body hard without having had quality sleep is another recipe for a health breakdown.
  • RECENT INJURY: While it is true that you can keep working out other parts of your body that aren’t injured, the fact is that you are increasing the risk of further injuries risks in the other parts of your body.  The best advice is to give your body time to recover; however, if you feel you must go on, you should work with a professional trainer.
  • EXERCISE SEVEN DAYS IN A WEEK: We understand the feeling you may have to keep pushing your body for a whole week. However, exercising subjects our bodies to a degree of stress. There will always be a need to allow your body to recover. We recommend that you should rest for 3 days each week.
  • WHEN YOUR SOCIAL LIFE IS AT RISK: A good overall state of health demands that both your body and mind are healthy. One of the ways to enhance your mental health is by socializing with family and friends or making new friends. Hence, you should take a break when you start adversely affecting your social life because you want to exercise.
  • WHEN YOU FEEL THAT YOUR BODY IS OPERATING AT LESS THAN 70%: Working out when you don’t feel like it is normal. However, you should skip your routine if you have the feeling that a large percentage of your mind and body are not with you on that day.

While working out is great to enhance your overall health, skipping a session in the scenarios listed above is considered to be a healthier decision. Read More Health article.