Things to Consider While Buying a Guitar


Many people interested in musical instruments love to have a guitar.  Most of the young people whole love musical instruments have a guitar. The beginners always buy a guitar to play it as a hobby, and most of them have an acoustic guitar.

It is difficult to choose the first guitar as beginners don’t know what they should look for while buying the same. From material to sound quality to the price of the instrument, multiple things need to be considered. This post shares some tips for buying a guitar for beginners.

Purpose of buying a guitar!

The most important that you need to ask yourself is that why do you want to buy a guitar? Do you want to play it as a hobby or do you want to learn music professionally? The type of guitar you will buy depends on the purpose for which you are going to use the same. For example, if you are a beginner and want a guitar for learning, you can buy an acoustic guitar, but if you are a professional, you may want an advanced electric guitar.

Online or Offline store?

You can buy a guitar online or by visiting a physical store. Both methods have their advantages. If you choose to shop form a physical store, you can hold and play the guitar to check its sound. However, while looking at a music store online you can find a wide variety, and you have more time to compare the material and specifications. The online stores allow you to compare the prices and specifications to help you choose the right guitar.

Acoustic or Electric?

The most common types of guitars people buy are the acoustic and electric guitars. If you are a beginner you should buy and acoustic guitar. If you have some experience and want to play in concerts, and events, you should buy an electric guitar. The one you choose depends on the style of music you want to play. You must decide the type of guitar before you go shopping as this will help you save a lot of time. If you want to play Jazz, then take a look at a guitar like the surf green telecaster.

Price of the guitar

You need to consider your budget as per the amount you want to spend on your guitar. As a beginner, you don’t need to buy an expensive electric guitar. However, you should not buy the cheapest guitar in the store, as most of them are of low quality. They point here is to buy a guitar made of high-quality material and stings in an average price range.

The Body of guitar

Every type of guitar has a different body. You can find the acoustic guitars with a shallow body that are easy to hold and play. Also, some guitars are large and produce more depth in their sound. Every type of guitar body feels different when you hold it in your hands, and their sounds are also different. You can buy a guitar that feels comfortable in your hands, and you can also check the sound of the instrument.

Play to check the action

Take the guitar you like in your hands and press the strings. Check the hardness of the strings of the guitar you are looking to buy. The thickness of strands should not be more than 3 to 4 mm at the neck and 5 mm at the fret. A knowledgeable person can adjust the strings of a high action guitar. However, if you are a beginner, you should not buy a high action guitar. It is best to visit a store with an experienced friend or guitarist who can help you choose the right instrument.

Consider the amp budget

If you are looking to buy an electric guitar, it may need an amp to amplify the sound. Beginners can also buy it later, but if you are a professional and want to play for an audience, you must consider the cost of an amplifier for the same.

Accessories of the guitar

When you buy a new guitar, you need some accessories to play and carry the same. For example, you need picks, cables, strings, and an amp in case of electric guitar, strap and a case for storage. Many new guitars need a “set up” that are the tools to adjust the instrument by turing the neck to get the right action.

Final Words

Buying a guitar is not easy, and you need to consider many things before selecting one. Considering the above-given factors to choose a guitar, you should also think of your own choice. A guitar is a connection to the music of your life. Make sure the instrument you buy, should make you feel good when you hold and play it in your hands.